Sports & Leisure

Sports & Leisure

Turtle Watch
Sea turtles are one of the Earth's most ancient creatures. The sea turtle's shell is streamlined for swimming through the water.Unlike other turtles, sea turtles cannot retract their legs and head into the shell. The colour varies between yellow,greenish and black depending on the species.

This conserved species is sighted near Rasdhoo reef crest in Rasdhu Atoll.
Manta Ray seems to be such a mystery to most people. 
Exploring the facts about them can help you to see them for what they really are. These are fascinating creatures that live in the water. This conserved species is sighted at North channel in Rasdhu Atoll.

Shark Watch
Sharks are one of the exotic tourist attractions in the Maldives. This conserved species is mostly sighted near south west reef in Rasdhu Atoll.

There are several hundred species of sharks, ranging in size from less than 10 inches to over 50 feet. These amazing animals have fierce reputation, but fascinating biology.

Night Snorkeling
The big reason to go snorkeling at night is because you get to see many things that you cant during the day plus it is exciting. Many creatures are out feeding at night that are not around during the day at all. Eels, octopus, lobsters and shrimps are all much more active at night.

Corals are closed up during the day most of the time but at night they can transform into colourful living animals.

Finding the giant Napoleon
This endangered species is sighted near Rasdhoo house reef. It a highly territorial fish.

Napoleon fish is one of the largest coral reef fish. This species reaches a maximum length of more than 2 meters and up to 190kg in weight. This enormous size of adult fish is made even more imposing by the prominent hump that develops on their forehead.
Drift with the Whale Shark
This conserved species is sighted in and around Ari-Atoll.

Whale sharks are the largest living fish on the planet. The whale shark can reach a length of 40 feet or more and weighs 20 or more tonnes. Maldives is one of the hot spots for viewing these sharks.
Reef Watch Rasdhoo
Rasdhoo house reef is the best place to see beautiful gardens of table corals, inhabited by multicolored fishes & other marine life .

Snorkeling is the best ways to explore Maldives underwater world. The Maldives fascinate, attract and often make you become a snorkeler. Even if you have never done it before.  
Madivaru Trip
Madivaru is a picnic island neighboring a white sand bank. 
Surrounded by blue sea Madivaru sand bank is the best place for a sun bath.

Spending your day with your lover, family or friends would be a unique and unforgettable experience.  

Explore Rasdhu-Atoll
Rasdhu-Atoll is a small geographic atoll of four islands namely Rasdhoo, Kuramathi, veligandu & Madivaru. Rasdhu Atoll is one of the Natural atolls of the Maldives.

The uninhabited island Madivaru is a beautiful island used for excursions. Its lagoon stretches up to veligandu and houses 'Madivaru finolhu' (A sandbank with greenery) and white sand banks in between.
Discover Island Lifestyle
The economy of Maldives depends on two main industries, tourism and fishing. North Ari-Atoll is traditionally a fishing community. Maldive islands have their own lifestyles & differs from one island to another. 
During your stay in Rasdhoo, we offer to visit few local islands to see their lifestyle and natural beauty of few islands within the vicinity of Rasdhoo.

Sunset with Dolphins
Maldives ranks among the top five places on Earth for watching whales and dolphins. 

Over 20 different species call the Maldives home. These range from the mighty Blue Whale to the diminutive but highly acrobatic Spinner Dolphin. Addition to this hues of Orange over the blue sea Is just spectacular.
Visit agricultural island Thoddoo
Thoddoo is located north-east of Rasdhoo, about 20 minutes by speedboat. 
Thodoo is famous for the growth of Water-melon (karaa), Papaya (falho) and Cucumber (kamba). Visiting an agricultural island will give you a good experience of Maldivian farming.

Big Game Fishing

Big-game fishing, often referred to as offshore sportfishing, offshore gamefishing, or blue-water fishing is a form of recreational fishing, targeting large fish renowned for their sporting qualities, such as tuna and marlin. Catching a marlin or a tuna is not difficult. You will need patience & a little help from our experts. 

Night Fishing

Night fishing is wonderful experience. Catching a red sniper or a grouper near from the reef is easy. You will need patience & a some techniques. Apart from just fishing, sounds of waves, clear and beautiful sky is relaxing

Drag fishing.

Drag fishing will give you a Maldivian style of fishing experience. Tuna, trevally, rainbow runner etc are easy targets of drag fishing. You just need to hold fishing lines with patience & drag your catch.